What Is Perimeter Pest Control In Maryland?

Royal Greens is already your first choice for several options in environmentally friendly yard and lawn care services. If you worked with us before, you know that we can keep your yard free of malicious pests that could damage your health and your property. 

What Is The Best Way To Keep Pests From Entering Your Home?

When our customers ask us, ‘what is the safest way is to stop pests from getting into their homes?’, we tell them about perimeter pest control in Maryland, and how it will help.

The Advantages of Perimeter Pest Control

Out of sight and out of mind. With our proven expertise in perimeter pest control options, we keep the pest out of sight and away from your house.

Invisible and odorless. Not only will the pests seem to vanish, Royal Greens pest control perimeter is undetectable. The lack of pests is the only thing we leave behind.

Balanced and sustainable. We have multiple plans and services suited for your unique needs. With Royal Greens, you get the services you need so you don’t end up paying for the things you don’t.

Deluxe Home Armor Plan

Royal Greens offers several options in pest control. We are aware that no two homes are alike, and we know what works for properties in Maryland. Our Deluxe Home Armor Plan treats pests common throughout Central Maryland such as spiders, ants, earwigs, and cockroaches. To effectively treat these pests, we will install and reapply a pest control perimeter around your home on a quarterly basis.  Furthermore, this plan comes with a guarantee. If pests come back before our next scheduled visit, we will return to your home and re-treat the area with no additional cost to you.

Custom Options

What does perimeter pest control mean for Maryland homes with additional needs?

Royal Greens can customize any plan to also include out-buildings such as  sheds and barns at reasonable additional rates. The same is true for those pests that require exceptional efforts to control. There are several options for our customers who may need us to rid their property of fleas or bed bugs. If you think you may need more than our regular perimeter pest control options, don’t hesitate to call and ask about a free estimate.

Ultimate Home Armor Plan

For those homes that are more prone to pest infestations, sometimes a little more attention to pest control is needed. Therefore, we are proud to offer the Ultimate Home Armor Plan. This plan offers every professional service provided with the Deluxe plan, plus a lot more. Not only will we treat for common Maryland pests, but we will also treat for boxelder bugs, stink bugs, and bees. We will ensure that exterior nests of stinging insects are removed as well as humane relocation of honey bee nests.  And just like the Deluxe plan, the Ultimate Home Armor Plan can be customized to fit the specific needs of your property adding coverage for out-buildings if needed. Our professionals will work with you to design services that fit your unique situation and your budget. 

Friendly and Professional

We’re standing by. Give us a call to speak with one of our professionals. If you’re looking for options for pest control, lawn maintenance, and more, we can help. Contact us today to learn more about perimeter pest control in Maryland and how it can keep your home pest-free all year long.

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